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The relevance of personality types in psychotherapy

The important aspect of assessing the relevance of personality types in psychotherapy is that the various typologies are merely a map to guide the therapist when seeing clients since nothing is set in stone. I believe that the purpose of … Continue reading

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Jungian personality types

Last night’s lecture was about the fascinating subject of personality types  from a Jungian perspective.  More people tend to be a thinking (extroverted) type and essentially the conventional traits tend to be rational and progressive with lots of “oughts” and “shoulds“.  These types … Continue reading

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Clinical personality types

Last night’s lecture was part 2 of clinical personality types and it was fascinating. The previous week was all about the schizoid (fixated in the oral development) and the obsessive (hiding of feelings). Last night covered the depressive and hysterical types. … Continue reading

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