We feel the pain of a loss much more than we feel the pleasure of a gain

I recently watched the excellent BBC Horizon documentary on decision making. The programme featured the very interesting work of Professor Daniel Kahneman (pictured, left) from Princeton University and his late colleague Amos Tversky.  They had demonstrated for over 30 years several replicable ways in which human judgements and decisions differ from rational choice theory.

Cognitive and behavioural approaches tend to be overlooked by some circles in my world as they represent a base level approach to personal transformation but I am always receptive to what they have to say.

Professor Kahneman and Amos Tversky both realised that we actually have two systems of thinking. One is the deliberate, logical part of your mind that is capable of analysing a problem and coming to an answer that is rational. Then there is the other part of your mind which is more intuitive, fast and automatic.

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