Personal experience of counselling

I have one more essay to complete before I complete year one of the course requirements. It is an essay on my personal experience of being on the course and what my understanding is of counselling.  These types of essays are a pleasure to write and often my struggle is to contain the word count to the required number (4000-4300).  Reflecting on the essay I began to take stock of my journey throughout the year.  Sometimes I think I haven’t read sufficient numbers of books.

My understanding of counselling is that I bring an integrative approach to seeing clients carrying a basic toolkit of knowledge, skills, techniques and understanding. The basic toolkit that any good counsellor should carry comprises of receptive as well as challenge skills.  The lectures on early development were very insightful and I am eager to learn more and more about myself so that I can better help clients.  I believe that every counsellor needs to go through the personal trans formative work themselves.

Ultimately I know true healing does not happen in the head. That is why I am attracted to experiential learning.  Real healing occurs through feeling toned realisations in response to a lived experience. That is why the analytic process, when pursued on an intellectual level, and that includes most self-analysis, is sterile.

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