Immortality: some questions …….

Is it possible that with advances in technology future generations can cheat death? Is that desirable? Are we hardwired to believe in our own immortality? Do our religious traditions offer any relevant answers?

Is the best yet to come or is this it? Will our mind and consciousness survive the death of our bodies?

Is the extinction of the personal identity the ultimate outcome of spiritual growth? Is there transmigration of the soul?

Are humans death defined animals? Are our brains wired to receive or produce god? Or is this the natural antidote for the fear of death?

Is immortality desirable? What is human? Is it to die?  …. the immortal beauty of mortal things including human beings.

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One Response to Immortality: some questions …….

  1. Dr Stu says:

    Humans have been chasing immortality for millennia. In some cultures, you attain a kind of immortality by doing great deeds, which people will talk about long after you pass away. But what if science made it possible to be truly immortal? What if there were a way for you to live forever?

    There are some people who believe that it won’t be long until humankind has the technology to enable people to live forever. What would it take to make that happen? And would we really want to?

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