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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

We finally got back to lectures this week following the Easter break.  The lecture was on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) with the second part next week. CBT is often rubbished in the therapists world as it is seen by some … Continue reading

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Immortality: some questions …….

Is it possible that with advances in technology future generations can cheat death? Is that desirable? Are we hardwired to believe in our own immortality? Do our religious traditions offer any relevant answers? Is the best yet to come or … Continue reading

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Group Supervision

I have now had my first group supervision session for my drop in centre.  It was an amazing experience to be amongst about 18 trainees bringing all sorts of issues to group discussion.  Confidentiality of client issues at drop in … Continue reading

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Satellite dishes in London face towards Mecca.

I have now completed the witness service training for a Victim Support placement. It comprised 6 full days and I feel pretty exhausted.  It was interesting to note the changing group dynamics as the course progressed from day to day … Continue reading

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Domestic violence and rape – some facts

I am attending a domestic violence awareness course as part of training for a Victim Support placement. Some interesting stats’ that have emerged from the course: 50% of children will also be victims in a household where the parent is … Continue reading

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“What keeps happening?” – Michael Jacobs I am in the middle of a weekend course on archetypes. It is fascinating. Some observations: The truth will be revealed regardless of the costs.  How?  Through archetypes. Plato wrote about archetypes. Jung was … Continue reading

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