Seeing the first client on placement

I have now seen my first client.  It is a relief to finally start on the road when hitherto there has been so much theory and triage group work on my course.  I have secured a placement role on the back up roster for a drop in centre in Central London. Clients know that they are seeing trainees so the expectations are set from the start.   However, that doesn’t stop the apprehension leading up to the first session.   Who will turn up?  What happens if suicidal issues are presented.  Will I be asked direct questions or guidance? As it happened I sat there alone for the first hour as no-one showed up.  Then two showed up pretty much at the same time. I needed to remind myself that all one can really do in a drop in centre is to listen.  It is important to remember the privilege of being able to listen.  Perhaps you are the only person in their life who will listen without offering advice or direction.   I am now looking forward to group supervision at the centre which takes place a week on Saturday.

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1 Response to Seeing the first client on placement

  1. Graham M says:

    Don’t worry be happy.

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