Jungian personality types

Last night’s lecture was about the fascinating subject of personality types  from a Jungian perspective.  More people tend to be a thinking (extroverted) type and essentially the conventional traits tend to be rational and progressive with lots of “oughts” and “shoulds“.  These types tend to be the organisers and can make good bankers, managers and lawyers i.e. what is rational thinking.  This type can appear cold and calculating as all feeling tends to be hidden but they also tend to be loyal and faithful and are therefore useful in organisations.  A psychological crisis for a thinking (extroverted) type is when the repressed inner world comes into conflict and out of the shadow.  An approach in therapy would be to deal with the client’s inner ideas and ideals.

The thinking (introverted) type is concerned with their own ideas internally.  They are happy in their own bubble.  They could be the lonely researcher who forgets to eat.  Apparently Jung himself was this type.  This type is less addictive and more withdrawn. They become extremely possessive and can be fearful of the opposite sex.

Do you recognise any of this?

Feelings (extroverted) types are your typical relationship types.  Their sense of self is derived from their relationship.  They are co-dependent.  They will seek harmony at any cost and they try not to upset anyone.   They feel like they have “lost” themselves when a relationship ends. Their most repressed function is the thinking (introverted). They can’t say “NO” as they have massive boundary issues.

Feelings (introverted) “Still waters run deep”: These types have strong feelings but the feelings are not easily expressed.  They are constantly seeking an image in the outer world that reflects their inner reality.   They can find life overwhelming.  They are inconspicuous in organisations but are also harmonious.  They exert a calming influence in a room. The approach is to work with creativity with these clients and to give expression to the inner world.

Always, yes ALWAYS, projection is when you need to work on yourself and work out what the button that is being pressed by other people is all about.

More on Jung next week.

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  1. Neil Bond says:

    Jung was the start of transpersonal?

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